Tim Stone


My work consists of depicting spaces that are inspired by the ordinary and triggered by the mundane. I paint scenes, or the places where incidents in real life or fiction occur. My work questions what is realism and what is fiction, and depicts the spaces in which they converge. There is a constant tension between the ordinary and the superlative and between natural and artificial color. This occurrence is true in real life so it is truthful in the scenes I paint. I am both investigating and celebrating my experience of liminal spaces.

Invented Landscapes

With my newest series of work “Invented Landscapes” I splice representational imagery with abstract mark-making to create new, intuitively designed landscapes. By collaging cut-outs of iconic and recognizable imagery, I am redefining or “inventing” such imagery into a completely new space to be experienced by the viewer. The cut-out images I work with are never forced together, but attached with a harmonious logic. Similar colors and shapes existing between the images are fused together, changing the images original intention. These Invented Landscapes are now untethered, free to exist in their own fabricated reality.